It offers a cash collection substructure ready for those companies collecting cash money from the field and customers. It facilitates the management of collection receipts and it allows to trace instantly the amount of cash received by field personnel.

   Regional management

It allows you to assign responsibility areas, regional or current lists to your personnel.

   Receip management

It determines lost collection receipts, facilitates their management, prevents transactions with wrong receip numbers.

   Unlimited users

It allows you to open and manage accounts for unlimited number of personnel.

   Loading receits

It ensures that the photos of the receipts delivered to the customer are taken through the application and loaded into the system and recorded.

   Automatic recognition

It allows you to keep accounts of cash amounts collected from the field, either transiently or after being delivered to the center or being deposited from ATMS.


It ensures online reporting of the total cash amount collected by field personnel from customers.

Top level control of cash trace

BulutTahsilat - Cash trace program offers a method of easy and perfect cash collection.
It allows field personnel to see any required financial reports.
It validates the amounts deposited from ATM to the center

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