It offers a collection substructure ready for the companies having dealership webs. It allows you to make collections from your dealers of your continuous trade partners by credit cards.

   Easy to install

It allows you to from a new user for your dealer and to start immediately to collect.

   POS adjustment

It allows you to manage safely banks' POS selections and to adjust easily to select cash or on-credit transactions.

   Unlimited users

It allows you to form and authorize more that one user for the same dealer.

   Integration into ERP and e-ticaret

It provides all ERP and e-trade programs commonly used with date flow.

   Source site

It provides a possibility of using and managing either by way of BulutTahsilat or your own web site.


It reports on which dealer paid which amount. It shows all important information such as the amounts of transactions, the amounts of commissions and the ratios of commissions.

Virtual POS solution ready for use by dealers

BulutTahsilat - Dealer collection program offers special solutions for the companies having dealer webs.
It allows the dealers to pay in cash or on credit as a choice.
It is very secure. It uses the same type of security solutions with banks.

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