BulutTahsilat - Online Account Movements

BulutTahsilat - enables to inspect instantly all the payments coming to all accounts in all banks and to enter automatically in the accounting and ERP systems


It determines payments to your bank account in seconds.
Also, it processes incoming payments in seconds and it eliminates time losses.
It shours end of day balances on line in all your accounts. It allows you to reach online all your collection and payment movements.


It allows you to see and manage your time deposit and drawing accounts, credit and check accounts, DBS, DTS and POS accounts with any banks on one screen.
It facilitates financial decision-making processes.


It minimizes any labor costs spent to enter any payments coming to your bank accounts.
It allows you to trace any cash flow, profit - loss situation. Income - expense movements online.


It enters payments even if the personnel are off duty.
All transfers are conducted automatically.


It prevents any security deficiencies which may arise from connecting continuously to an internet branch to transact.
It provides complete security thanks to he SSL protection protocol of 256 bits.

Perfect transaction capability

It prevents a payment coming to your bank account from entering in a wrong customers.
It prevents a payment coming to your bank account from changing and entering wrong.
It prevents a payment coming to your bank account from covering a wrong order.


It enables to connect to all account, e-trade, CRM and ERP software and to transmit any incoming payment records automatically.
It eliminates any calls and e-mail traffic of money transfer with customers and dealers.


Thanks to user levels, it is possible to make different adjustments ant to obtain different screen contents for each user.
For example, it is possible to authorize a user in order to seen and process a bank's account movements and another user for another bank, besides without user limitation.


Daily, weekly, montly reports can be received.
Reports between two dates can be received.
Reports on payments of customers or dealers can be received.


Optionally, you can use POS detail report, virtual POS substructure, dealer collection and cash collection programs.


It allows you to manage bank accounts of all the group companies from one screen only.
It prevents customers and their accounts from mixing and it enables to separate and manage them perfectly within Group Companies.


Thanks to Bulut Management, you do not under go any costs such as Server, Hosting, database licenses.
Yo do nat strive to follow and integrate into continuously changing and developing services of the banks, because you work with a professional them who continuously traces such steps on behalf of you.

Perfect management of banks account movements

BulutTahsilat - integrates online all account, ERP and e-trade programs with your banks.
Be ready for a brand - new banking experience with BulutTahsilat mobile application.
See your balance online and trace your end of day balances.

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User Experiences

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Why BulutTahsilat?

BulutTahsilat can process thousands of payments coming at the same time thanks to its multi processing structure. Thus, it allows you to trace those payments coming to different bank accounts without checking one by one.

You do not undergo such costs as server, hosting, database licences.

Yo do not strive to trace and integrate into banking services which always change and develope.

You can display only incoming movements or only outgoing movements or both movements, as you may wish.

You can display all your foreign currency accounts and have them defined for your group companies.

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