It offers ready substructure for virtual POS services of all the banks. It allows you to collect by credit cards from your customers or dealers.

   Easy to install

It is enough to get a virtual POS, only making a bank application. You can start right away to collect without need of coding data.


It offers a ready substructure for all banks. It allows installment transactions in 7 banks. Advantage, Axess, Bonus, CardFinans, Maximum, Paraf, World


It provides full protection with its SSL and TLS certificates and advanced anti-fraud filters. It offers a verification substructure by use of 3D security.


It can take advantage of ready displays by use of common payment pages or you can design a special interface to your web site.

   Cash or installment transaction capability.

You can give permission either to conduct cash draws or installment draws. It is possible to make adjustments easily by a few clicks.


It offers many reports such as daily and monthly transaction reports, bank - based reports, successful and unsuccessful transactions, unproductive POS.

Ready virtual POS solution.

BulutTahsilat - Virtual POS substructure offers a ready platform for virtual POS services of all the banks.
It supports collecting - facilitating models.
It ciphers data by use of state of the art crypto methods.

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