Account movements of all the banks are on one screen
  • See payments to all your accounts on one screen
  • Determine automatically which payment comes from which customer
  • Determine what transaction to be conduced without manual control
  • Have automation which approves incoming payments 7x24
Check all your bank accounts in seconds
  • It does not matter hour incoming payments are made : through Internet, bank or ATM
  • Determine payments from all channels online, produce one single report
  • Save time, increase profitability, reduce labor cost
  • Take customer satisfaction to top level
Enter payments to your bank accounts automatically
  • Either you approve orders automatically
  • or you load balances automatically
  • or you increase limits automatically
  • Do what ever you want to do for incoming payments automatically
Manage joint bank account movements from one display
  • It enters all payments to your bank accounts automatically
  • It can listens to unlimited number of bank accounts
  • It can listens to different accounts in the same bank
  • It operates integratedly with 15 banks
  • It makes all the banks a joint pattern and produces one output
  • It can process thousands of payments coming at the same time is seconds thanks to its multi processing structure.
  • It can be integrated into any services with worldwide standard XML WEB services.
A perfect determination and matching capability
  • It determines which payment comes from which dealer or company
  • Thus, it allows you to do what should be done for incoming payments. This is formed as per you request
  • It creates a unique payment code for each dealer
  • All accountings can be connected to CRM and ERP systems
  • It can be integrated into , Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, LOGO or any e-trade sites
Integration into any accounting, ERP and e-trade programs
  • It processes any date from any payment channels correctly
  • It required, it is possible to match with payment codes or Turkish ID Nos or dealer / company codes
  • Authorization can be done. Menus to be seen and transactions to be done by a user may be limited
  • Transactions can be traced over any mobile platforms
  • It provides full security by SSL certificates an IP restrictions
  • It offers a 7/24 transaction capability
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