Kayaport Teknoloji AŞ was established to develop banking solutions in 2010. BulutTahsilat and Bulut Ödeme are registered trademarks of Kayaport Teknoloji AŞ.

It continues to R&D activities within İstanbul Teknokent and it develops TUBİTAK - supported projects.

It provides financial solutions offering brand-new banking experiences in compliance with PSD standards.

We design applications making difference in the FINTECH ecosystem. We work with the greatest in their sectors in Turkey.

We are the first account information service provider that is financial data collector company in Turkey. We introduce companies with future banking solutions with this pride and responsibility understanding.

Our objective is to develop advanced level software applications in the serviced areas and to offer perfectly such automations for the companies using such applications to gain personnel and time.

Our main goal is to automate any rutin works and to after solutions to remove completely any human-centered errors

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