What is BulutTahsilat?

It automatically enters all the payments to your bank accounts. It can trace unlimited number of bank accounts. It determines any payment to any of your accounts in seconds. It determines which dealer made the payment or for which order it was made. After that, it depends on your imagination. It allows you to do anything that you want to do concerning such an incoming payment. for example, would you increase your dealer's balance did you receive a payment for a previously ordered product? BulutTahsilat increases automatically your dealer's balance or approves automatically the payment for a pre-ordered product. It performs all such procedure steps automatically without needing any manual control.

Into what banks is BulutTahsilat integrated?

BulutTahsilat is integrated into all banks : Akbank, Albaraka Türk, Denizbank, Fibabanka, Finansbank, Garanti Bankası, Halkbank, İngbank, İş Bankası, Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bankası, ŞekerBank, Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB), Vakıfbank, Yapıkredi, Ziraat Bankası

Is BulutTahsilat secure?

BulutTahsilat is very secure. Your data is protected with an SSL of 256 bits. A mirror of the movements in your bank accounts will be formed. BulutTahsilat does not connect to your Internet branch. It does not perform EFT, transfer and similar transactions. That is, it can really never touch your money. It only pulls and reports line-based records of the payments coming to your accounts.

What to do to be able to use BulutTahsilat?

  1. First, you need to sign the BulutTahsilat service contract. Our support team will mail you such contracts.
  2. After contracting stage, your user name and password will be sent you.
  3. A list of documents you need to deliver to the branch of the bank where you have an account will also be sent you by our support team.
  4. After bank integration process is completed, you can start to use your displays and to get automation.

What software can BulutTahsilat connect?

BulutTahsilat produces a worldwide standard XML web service output. It can be integrated into any kind of software which can produce data by use of that output. It can connect to any accounting, e-trade, CRM and ERP systems.

Can BulutTahsilat determine the channel through which the payment is made?

YES. BulutTahsilat determines whether the payment is made through an Internet branch or an ATM machine or a direct bank branch. I produces one output combining all payments coming through all channels and all banks.

Can BulutTahsilat show account movements in all banks on one screen?

YES. BulutTahsilat can show your accounts in 15 integrated banks on one screen. It saves time, minimizes your costs, allows you to perform fast and secure transactions.

Can BulutTahsilat understand check and POS returns?

YES. BulutTahsilat can list check and POS movements.

Who can use BulutTahsilat?

Those commercial enterprises having much-moving bank accounts can use BulutTahsilat.

Can BulutTahsilat determine cost movements?

YES. BulutTahsilat can list expense movements in all banks.
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